woman holding phone home automation

Why is Home Automation a need today?

Home Automation has been around for over a decade, however, it was not practical to have installed in a home due to the costs. However, today there is a reason to install home automation systems in homes and offices. The reason being; cost is not what it once was.

In the past, automation systems used to cost 10,000 AED (~$3000 USD) to even deploy a simple system to control lights. Meanwhile, in the present, it can cost as low as 3,000 AED (~$800 USD) to have control over most if not all light systems and even more. Systems are more flexible, so you can control more than just your lights. You are able to control shades/drapes, lights, media control, security and much more from a single iPad or mobile device and from anywhere. For example, you would like to only automate lights in your house, then you simply need to set-up a light dimmer control and a processor. As your needs grow, your system becomes complex and cost more. However, due to advancing times, total control is becoming cheaper every day. We at Smart Home Building Contracting are efficient in our deployment of Smart Home appliances by making the most of our hardware that is backed by Crestron. Crestron is a worldwide brand in the automation industry and their quality is outstanding, with machines lasting for over 5 years functioning and experiencing minimal issues.