audio/video presentation system

The true benefits of an AV (audio and video) distribution system

Audio and video distribution systems can be used in many places, but often they are not and this produces an economic and efficiency issue. As AV distribution systems are developed, more features are integrated, such as connecting to Youtube, Spotify, Rdio, and even Google Music playlists. You can also distribute video sources such as an AppleTV across multiple TV’s and projectors. This is beneficial as it makes your life simpler and error-prone in the long run.

But the question remains, what are the true benefits of an AV system?

Cost-efficient: Many speakers and TV’s often go into standby mode when unused for a long period of time. When you use an AV system, you specify which TV’s and speakers you want to activate, and thus you do not activate unrequired speakers/TVs. In the short term, this may not seem like an issue, but in the long-term, the issue becomes more apparent.

Efficient: Instead of having to manage multiple TV’s, and Speakers separately and control how you may want them to function, having an AV system will create a hub to allow you to control all AV systems from a central hub or even a tablet/mobile device (check our home automation systems for integration with tablets and other devices).

Simple: When you have a single hub to control all your AV systems, you are not left confused on which systems need to work and how to manage each single one in its own way. With an audio and video distribution system, you can control multiple different brands of systems without having to deal with each system individually.

Customizable: With an audio and video distribution system, you can control every single device and have them broadcast to multiple devices that do not necessarily have to be beside one another.  For example, screen sharing your laptop device to multiple TVs across your home.

When you use an AV system, you are simply using one system to manage all audio and video sources and targets, instead of sending staff around to each system and manually adjust settings. We use Crestron home automation systems, and Crestron has award-winning AV systems which give you the ability to broadcast 4K sources to 4K TV’s and projectors efficiently. Our audio and video distribution systems (powered by Crestron) can be connected to the home automation systems and give you complete control over your media control needs across your office and home from your Apple/Android mobile device or tablet.