Residential Integration (Villas, apartments, etc.)

Making home, feel like home.

Our Home automation technology provides the ultimate control and convenience. With home automation, you are in control of anything in your home with a simple and easy to use interface. Whether you would like control using your mobile (Apple & Android) or using our provided panels, the choice is entirely yours.

Our certified designers design a complete home automation system using the latest home technologies that are proven to be the best in the market and most importantly that complements our client’s lifestyle.

Home Control

Our Home Automation services allow you the ability to control your Lights, Climate, Entertainment, Appliances and Sprinklers. Moreover, it can be controlled from any of the professionally designed touchscreens and keypads or simply from your Android, Apple or computer device.

Use cases:

Sprinkler system: Have your sprinklers operate at certain times during the day (thereby saving time, and saving water)

Climate: Keep the house cool in the mornings and warm at night

Lighting: Automatically adjust light level based on time or outdoor light level (turn on light when it is dark outside, thereby saving energy costs).

Shades: Have shades automatically open or close based on the schedule you would like to wake up by.

and much more! (Visit our office/showroom for a demo)

Climate Control

In the UAE, more than 40% of the electricity is consumed on the Climate systems. Why settle for a simple system that has to be adjusted every few hours, when you can automated it entirely.

Set your climate to automatically change based on time or even outside temperature. Maybe you would like to keep your home cool in the mornings and warm at night, all automatically, without wasting your precious time.

Example cases:

  • Automate climate based on outside temperature
  • Smart HVAC system (Climate control based on activity in room)
  • Schedule based climate control

Home Theater

Having multiple remotes is not a pleasant experience, which is why with our theatre set-up, you gain control over all TV’s, Projectors and other functions in the house using one remote. The remote can be your phone, or a certain tablet (iPad or Android) for every room, the choice is optimally yours. We also offer hidden theatre system, with one click you can deploy hidden screens and projectors into plain view. Making any room as elegant as you want it to appear.

Example cases:

  • Home theatre system
  • Home-office projection
  • Control over multiple TV’s from one remote

CCTV and Security

Our security system not only uses the best equipment in the market to complement our client’s lifestyle, but we also ensure your security feed is available to you 24/7 via internet securely. We also give the ability to move the camera direction, from your own mobile device wherever you are.

Example cases:

  • Securely view security feed from your mobile device
  • Manage multiple security cameras simultaneously from your mobile device

Automated Lighting

Control your lights and automate them simply from your device. Whether you have a certain schedule you would like to follow, or manually control lights across the entire household, our systems are perfect for your needs.

Example cases:

  • Set light control based on a schedule (saving time and electricity)
  • Have light-presets ready for any occasion
  • Automatically turn on lights on movement

Audio Video Distribution

Deploy music for every room or all rooms share the same music, or even share the same video source across all televisions in a household.

Example cases:

    • A single AppleTV/Chromecast on multiple televisions in different rooms
    • Stream laptop screen easily across multiple televisions