Our Automation & System Integration Solutions

Our automation & system integration team will handle all your automation & integration needs at competitive rates, while not compromising reliability and quality. Not only do we integrate the system with modern systems, but we also can integrate with many other devices already available in the residential/commercial space. We use the very best in the field extra low voltage automation systems available by Crestron. With over 20 years of experience, Crestron is one of the world’s most household names for integrated automation systems.  With the ability to integrate with almost any device, we can give you the flexibility to use current hardware or even upgrade to even more reliable hardware supplied by Crestron. Furthermore, our team of engineers will ensure to meet your design requirements and further also provide advice for handling the automation systems. We don’t simply sell products, we sell quality.

Why implement an integrated automation system solution?

Energy Efficiency:

No more wasted electricity anymore in your residence or office space. Electricity is only used on demand, and also implemented so seamlessly, that it is convenient for the residents and staff.


The core principal of automation is to eliminate minuscule routine tasks. Simply put, why repeat the same routine daily when you can have a device handle this tasks for you. Thus you are comfortable whether you are in your home or in the office.


Our automation systems are securely implemented unlike many other different implementations available. With Crestron, we are able to run an automation system wirelessly (secure to a certain degree), and wired (for the greatest amount of security). Why place your own office or home risked of being hacked into, when you can easily avoid it.

Peace Of Mind:

Automation systems leave you with the peace of mind, knowing that no matter where you are, you have complete access to your own home.


Whether you are in the house/office or out, you will always have access to every single aspect of your home on-the-go. Furthermore, we support control from your Android/Apple device of even PC, remotely and securely.


Who doesn’t love to save money? Automation systems ensure your devices only function when they are needed, instead of being turned on and unused. Savings can make a large difference in the long-run, so why not save money from now?