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Automation Systems – The Future of Homes in Dubai

Smart homes are futuristic dream homes of most of the people who live in the city of Dubai as well as the country. Many of today’s household products are becoming “smart” and a part of the automation systems that can be set up. Products in the bathroom such as showers, electric razors and kitchens such as microwaves, refrigerators, and stoves are utilizing this technology. This technology seems to be new, but it uses existing technology. For example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC are just some of the many different technologies used. These technologies are used together to make the electronic devices around a house automated, and function on a certain schedule or event.

When you hear the term “smart home”, you may visualize an expensive futuristic house or brand new mansion. However, with today’s new technologies and innovations, any homeowner can take advantage of either a few or multiple home automation services. Furthermore, these technologies are affordable for many homeowners. Whether you are building a new house or looking to simplify daily life in your current home, with smart home integration, your options are nearly limitless. Once your home automation system is installed, you can relax knowing your security system, lighting, heating, and entertainment features will run like clockwork.

How does it work? You choose the areas and appliances you wish to be “smart”, and our team will figure out the equipment necessary for automation. Our team will equip the systems with timers, settings, and control panels, conveniently located throughout your home. For example, you may have your lighting automated so that with one remote control you can turn on, off, and dim any light fixture inside or outside your home. Also, you may set timers on the house’s lighting so that porch or living room lights turn on at a specific time and you walk into a safe and welcoming home. No longer will you get up out of bed to turn off lights that were forgotten. Similarly, your security system and heating and cooling can all be controlled from one location, making your family comfortable, safe. Furthermore, home automation provides you with an energy efficient home, for an environmentally friendly household.

What choices are there for controlling the automation? You can select touch screens, remote controls, and online options. Want to change the heat setting while you are out of town? There are options for controlling your home automation system from a mobile phone or laptop. Prefer one central location that stays out of the reach of children? or maybe you wish to have a touch screen installed for easy access?

What about customizing? When you take a look at today’s smart homes, you will find an entire house personalized to the family’s needs and wants. It may sound complex, but it is as simple as choosing a few custom settings. For example, simply say “Good Morning” and as chosen, the air conditioner will turn off, the lights will turn on, the alarm will turn off, and your coffee will brew. All before you’ve gotten out of bed.

Entertainment systems also fall under the list of items that can be controlled with a home automation system. With Crestron’s powerful audio and video system integration, you can control almost any brand of TV, projector or speaker to function how you want it. You can also have home theaters complete with surround sound and multi-room speakers installed at the same time. Once your house is automated for practicality, you can look into investing in high-quality entertainment and sound systems as you may please.


The beauty of Crestron home automation systems is that it can function with almost any device whether it is old or new, making it a cost-effective option for a home automation system. Take some time to look into home automation options. You are sure to find at least one feature that will make your family’s life simpler and safer. Customize your smart homes to fit you and your family’s needs.


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