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The LEED Rating System Benefits And Uses

The LEED rating systems are comprehensive and can be simplified in this article for you to understand everything to it. This rating system can be categorically classified into five primary sections. This can be found in the likes of neighborhood development, homes, maintenance & operations, construction and interior design and construction & building design. With […]

What is ELV (Extra Low Voltage) System Integration

When we hear the word “integration” we already have a positive feeling about it. It is because there is rarely something wrong when people or things are brought or put together in some sort of well-functioning association. This is exactly what “system integration” in engineering means – associating many subsystems in one whole system with […]

Emerging Trends in Construction and Building

In recent days, many economies have experienced steady growth which is often accompanied by increased population. In such scenarios, the possible adjustments are equally and positively correlated improvements in construction and building. Arguably, the increasing population would require new housing, roads and other amenities such as water and health facilities which require the building and […]

Automation Systems – The Future of Homes in Dubai

Smart homes are futuristic dream homes of most of the people who live in the city of Dubai as well as the country. Many of today’s household products are becoming “smart” and a part of the automation systems that can be set up. Products in the bathroom such as showers, electric razors and kitchens such […]

Green Building and Home Automation

A green building remains a holistic ideology which begins with the knowledge that already designed environments can have profound and deep impacts. These impacts can both be negative and positive on the natural environment and also people who live in the building daily. Green buildings remain an obvious effort to mitigate the negative and amplify […]

2 Major Advantages Of Commercial Office Automation Solutions

There is a plethora of reasons, both financial and operational, to install an energy management automation solution to your commercial office. Automated buildings are energy efficient, comfortable and virtually effortless to operate. With the perfect solution, the advantages of using automation are highly considerable. However, the consequences of a poorly created system are difficult to […]

Why is Home Automation a need today?

Home Automation has been around for over a decade, however, it was not practical to have installed in a home due to the costs. However, today there is a reason to install home automation systems in homes and offices. The reason being; cost is not what it once was. In the past, automation systems used to […]

6 Amazing Benefits Of Residential Home Automation

The concept of residential automation has remained unfamiliar with most people in time past. As innovative technologies and products are becoming highly accessible, homeowners now like the concept of upgrading their living domicile. Are you pondering on what is residential automation? With residential automation, basic home appliances and systems will be under the control of […]