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Challenges and Solutions for Audio/Video Distribution

After visiting various projects around the UAE, we came across many project that have faced a serious issue of wiring video extenders and proper video Matrix. All of this is to avoid using the appropriate devices that would cost the same on the long run. In this article, we will explain the various options and […]

What are Smart Warehouses?

A smart warehouse comprises of a variety of measures put in place to ensure maximum operation of the facility while keeping the costs in check. Automation refers to the remote control of equipment and appliances such as lighting and air conditioning in the warehouse. The security and flow of goods in the warehouse also calls […]

How The Amazon Alexa Can Automate Your Home From Your Voice

For decades, people have watched movies and television shows about technology and its impact on the future. From flying cars to friendly robots, we can all observe the ways in which the future is quickly becoming the present. Over the last few years, home automation has emerged and taken over the mainstream market; bringing sophisticated […]