Video Distribution, Forget HDBaseT and Install Crestron DM-NVX

With the market moving towards switching and extending videos in large rooms using HDBaseT, a newer technology emerged recently which will change the way you extend audio and video in large facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, ballrooms, etc…  Instead of playing with the infrastructure of the rooms, the new technology requires the existing 1 Gigabit infrastructure to be able to display video from a source on the same network.

Crestron DM-NVX vs HDBaseT


Advantages of using Crestron DM-NVX over HDBaseT

1. DM-NVX requires only a 1Gigabit network switch

No need to use a special audio/video mixer on the back side of the AV. the Crestron DM-NVX is installed as an endpoint. the man in the middle is just a 1 Gigabit switch which can be found on the shelve. 

2.  Fewer cables at the rack.

This is especially true when the equipment in the rack are video extenders and matrix switchers. you will have lots of cables including HDMI cables, power cables, network cables. power cables could cause interference.

3.  No flickering due to electrostatic interference

As shown in the video below;


4- Anytime expand the system

With the DM-NVX system, adding another source or display doesn’t require a major change in the rack. Guess what? no equipment is in the AV rack. Expanding the system is easily done with only adding the required endpoint to the existing network switch

5- Video scaling available for every display

DM-NVX can transport media resolutions of up to 4K60. Even if your displays are 1080p, displaying a 4K source can easily be scaled to be displayed best at the existing displays. once you upgrade the display to higher resolution, higher resolution is displayed. Crestron DM NVX covers all resolutions and scales the image to the display.

6- No latency

The latency in the DM-NVX is similar to an HDBaseT system. You can check the demo in the following video. Hint try to pause the video to compare the latency on the display screens in the video


7- The media is transported throughout the network

No need to pull extra cables or adjust the system to transport video to an alternative location. Since the video is on the network, you can transport it anywhere within that network. 

8- Very fast video switching

Crestron is famous for its reliable systems and so is the video switching.

9- USB and Audio Routing

USB 2.0 can be rerouted to anywhere in the network and same is the audio which can be routed the same

10- Soon integration with Dante

Dante is the audio over the network. With such integration, no need to connect audio by audio cables, instead the audio is routed to the DSP by the network.

HDBaseT advantages over DM-NVX

We can’t neglect the HDBaseT solution is a simple solution for simply extending Media, we should still see the technology in use because extending media with this technology is just plug and play. This technology could also be recommended in a simple video distribution system, however when the system design goes complex it will be recommended to use the DM-NVX technology instead.


Many previous installations we check and repaired were cost saved by installing video matrix and extenders rather than modular Digital Media switchers which caused errors in the system. Click here to open the article


Challenges and Solutions for Audio/Video Distribution

After visiting various projects around the UAE, we came across many project that have faced a serious issue of wiring video extenders and proper video Matrix. All of this is to avoid using the appropriate devices that would cost the same on the long run. In this article, we will explain the various options and the way to overcome it.

Big meeting rooms and conference halls have extend in dimensions above 5m x 5m. To wire media from one end of the room to the other, the system must have the appropriate cable to transmit the required content. While an good quality HDMI cable can extend 4K60 4:4:4 (TMDS bandwidth of 18 Gbps) upto 6.1m (depending on manufacturer) and 1080p content up to 12m (depending on manufacturer), Digital Media and HDBaseT is a solution that helps extend 4K60 video signals for up to 100M. Extender is a simple solution for transferring the signal from one location to another.

On the other hand, a video matrix is used as a middle man to handle many inputs to many outputs. So imagine you have 10 screens to display your presentations, the matrix will help put every content at the display screen selected. A usual matrix comes with HDMI Inputs and HDMI outputs.


The New Challenge:

With the introduction of 4K, we are limited with the distances between the source and the display to play this type of video and we will for sure require extenders. So the number of extenders with a video distribution solution increased and so a dangerous way to install these extenders is to stack them close to each other. Especially when they are 2 cm apart, the heat is accumulating and the power cables and HDBaseT cables are overlapping.

One of the projects with overload of transmitters and receiver. Imagine the wires behind and the heat released.


Traditional Solutions For Large Facilities:

At Crestron, Digital Media (DM) Modular Matrix can handle the switching in the displays between the sources. The switcher comes in various sizes depending on the amount of video input and output (upto 128 video input and 128 video output. So instead of distributing only HDMI connections, the DM Modular Matrix has slots for installing special cards that cover media such as RCA, VGA, BNC, SDI, HDMI, network stream, DM Copper connection or DM Fiber connection, covering various video and audio formats.  While DM copper can extend media up to 100m, DM fiber can extend the media signal up to 12 km.

A 32 input by 32 output modular DM Switcher

From the AV rack side, the DM Modular Matrix replaces the receivers and the transmitters and the opposing transmitters and receiver are placed at the source and the display respectively.  

Sample of Digital Media 8G or HDBaseT traditional connection


The New Solution for Large Facilities:

Multicast is the newest technology and delivering media using network is the latest. Unlike the usual streaming options available in the market, Crestron was successful in delivering 4K60 4:4:4 which require 18Gbps in a single Gigabit network connection. Competitors were successful in delivering network audio and video however they had to sacrifice the following:

  • Latency
  • Image quality (lower resolution)
  • Less bandwidth ( 10G network connection)

With Creston NVX, the best part is that the system encodes, decodes and scales at no latency. The media is transported in the network through a device that can be an encoder or decoder and the system can be expanded to many devices with the limitation being the network switch capability. Security is another factor with NVX

The All New NVX Method for transporting Audio and Video around the network